The Ferney Geneva Innovation project is designed to explore all the possible relationships that may exist across the various facets of life, the city, the environment, and the digital world. The city of tomorrow is taking shape today, and it’s going to be smart, inter-relational, cost-effective, and sustainable. Fresh perspectives! Inevitably intertwined…


Ferney Geneva Innovation will feature the leading French anergy network. Already tried and tested in Switzerland, this technical solution leverages “wasted energy” generated by business activities to heat the 2,500 apartments in the future district.
This network is the first piece of the future smart grid. To complete the mechanism, a call-for-interest by providers will be launched in 2017 for an anergy/ mobility demonstrator related to the commercial zone’s energy network, a data center, and a shared 400-space parking area.


Stimulating creativity provides fertile ground for innovation. Furthermore, Terrinnov is creating conditions favorable for attracting stakeholders in cultural and creative industries to the Ferney Geneva Innovation project, including startup incubators, accelerators, exhibition sites, and more.


The Geneva area has historically been open to the world and outside ideas. The new district is marked by this “philosophy of lights” and suggests a way to experience it together. Many spaces and facilities (including day-care and schools), open to citizen initiatives, will help make this project a part of everyday life in the city of Voltaire.